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Zero Waste Beeswax Food Wrap


In going forward with the zero waste lifestyle, one of the hardest things to give up for me was plastic food wrap.  When I have a block of cheese, a casserole dish, or leftovers in a bowl, I want to just reach for the plastic wrap.  When we finally ran out of plastic wrap, I started looking for a sustainable alternative.  Hallelujah, I found beeswax!

My favorite part about making these beeswax food wraps is that they are so easy to make, so easy to maintain, and beeswax is safe to ingest, so you don’t have to be afraid if a teeny tiny bit falls into your food (which is highly unlikely).  You can also have a lot of fun finding cute fabric to brighten up your kitchen.  I got my fabric from the Japanese discount store, Daiso.  But you can use any cotton fabric you have.


There are two methods in makng these beeswax wrap:

You’ll Need:
– Cotton cloths
– Beeswax pellets or Beeswax bar
– Cookie sheet
– Small paintbrush (for method 2 only)

Method 1:  Cut your cotton cloths to your desired size.  Use pinking shears if you don’t want to sew the raw edges.  Pre-heat your oven to 250F.  Put about 2 tbs of beeswax pellets (or beeswax shavings if you have a block) on a cookie sheet and place it in the pre-heated oven.  Remove from oven when the beeswax has completely melted (3-5 minutes).  Cover the cookie sheet with cotton fabric and let the beeswax soak through, making sure you get all the edges.  Hang dry.

Method 2:  Cut your cotton cloths to your desired size.  Use pinking shears if you don’t want to sew the raw edges.  Pre-heat your oven to 250F.  Lay your cotton fabric down on the pan and sprinkle about 1tbs of beeswax evenly on the fabric.  Place in the pre-heated oven for about 3-5 minutes, or until the beeswax has completey melted.  Remove from the oven and use the paintbrush to spread around the melted beeswax, making sure all the edges are covered.  Hang dry.


These sheets will dry in about 5 minutes.  After that, I rinse them under cold water with a mild dish soap.  The cold water will further firm these wraps up.  I store them folded and flat in a drawer.  When you first use them, you’ll find that they don’t cling super well to your bowls at first, that’s perfectly normal!  With a few uses, they will start to be a little bit more flexible and will cling much better.

Cleaning and Care:  Always clean these beeswax wraps with cold water (hot water will melt the beeswax) and a mild dish soap.  Beeswax is naturally water-repellent so they should dry pretty quickly.  When you find that your beeswax is no longer clinging (people say it takes about a year), just repeat the process to revive your wraps.


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