Zero Waste

Can LUSH fit in my zero waste lifestyle?

When people find out that I try to buy stuff with minimal or no packaging, they often assume that when it comes to beauty, I would be a huge LUSH customer.  LUSH proudly claim the tagline “fresh handmade cosmetics”, so it is no wonder that many of my friends assume that I would be getting the majority of my products from them.

That’s not true.

I make the majority of my beauty products, or I use a single-ingredient product (like coconut oil as a makeup remover or rosehip oil as a face serum).  The reason is because I have very sensitive skin, so I often get allergic reactions to consumer products that contain synthetic fragrances or fillers.

LUSH sounds like a company that would fit my zero waste lifestyle and my sensitive skin needs.  There are a lot of good things they are doing, for example:

  • Package free:  The majority of their products come package-free, so you can easily bring your own container and buy their products without packaging.
  • Cruelty-free:  No animal testing is done on their products, so that’s a good sign!
  • Recycling:  For the products that do come in packaging, LUSH has a recycling program where you can trade in 5 containers for 1 free face mask.  Kind of like a rewards stamp program.

I don’t use any LUSH products.  If you read the ingredients list, you might understand why.  Many (not all) LUSH products contain a lot of fillers and synthetic fragrances that can cause skin irritations in people like me.  Ingredients like propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate are examples of skin irritants that are present in LUSH products.  I think their slogan of “fresh handmade cosmetics” is misleading because we might interpret that as “natural”.  But if you have any skin sensitivity, you should definitely be more careful because when it comes down to ingredients, there is not much difference between LUSH products and commercial products.

I always encourage people to do their own research regarding ingredients in cosmetics (try to find answers that can be backed up by scientific research rather than just anecdotal evidence).  So when people ask, “can I incorporate LUSH in my zero waste lifestyle?”  My answer is, “yes, but check the ingredient list first to see if you are comfortable using that on your body.”


So tell me ...

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