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Sustainable Hair Care

dsc_3610I’m so, so, so excited to write this post.  I’ve gone about 7 months of no-poo, and my hair has never been fuller, healthier, and shinier.  No-poo is the practice of washing your hair without commercial shampoo.  It runs the spectrum from using only water (purest form of no-poo) to someone like me who uses shampoo soap bars and other natural alternatives.  I wanted to share with you my entire hair care routine and my alternatives to commercial products.  Here are some benefits to doing a sustainable hair care routine:

  • Inexpensive – depending on what brand of shampoo you use and how much shampoo you use each time, you could be running to the store every other month buying a new bottle.  I use a shampoo bar that costs around $3-4, which lasts me about 3 months.
  • Less oily – I used to have to wash my hair every single day to prevent my hair looking like an oily mess.  Commercial shampoos often strip the natural oils on your hair.  While we might think that’s good and it’ll make our hair look cleaner, our body ends up producing more oil to replace what was stripped.  Shampoo bars don’t strip the oils, they simply clean the excess oils off.  What I’ve found is that I can skip a day or two of washing my hair and it will still look and feel great.
  • Travel friendly – No more bringing bottles of hair products with me!  One bar and I’m ready to go!

Here is what is in my regular hair routine (scroll down for recipes):

  • Shampoo – I typically buy this at the farmers market, or at the local co-op.  You will typically find them package-free.  At my co-op, you can actually slice your own soap, neat huh?  The featured image is a gift from a friend who got it from her local farmers market.  That’s typically the most packaging you’ll see – just a paper label that you can recycle or compost.  I am currently using goat milk shampoo bars.  But I have used vegan shampoo bars in the past, and they work just as well.
  • Conditioner – I remember I used to use conditioner every single day.  I would glob a large amount to make sure that my hair is smooth and shiny.  No more!  I use apple cider vinegar as a conditioning rinse 2x a week, and my hair is shiny and does not tangle, ever!
  • Deep Conditioner – Remember when all the beauty blogs told you that coconut oil is a miracle worker?  Well, it still is!  When my hair is feeling parched, I’ll take a quarter size of coconut oil and massage it in my hair.  I let this sit for a few hours and I wash it off.  My hair is super soft every time I do this.
  • Scalp Massage Oil – Because castor oil stimulates the production of collagens, it is the perfect scalp massage oil.  Some have said that castor oil helps them grow thicker and longer hair.  For me, the thick oil just feels amazing as a scalp massage oil.  I use a dime size all over my scalp (unlike the coconut oil, I don’t rub this on my hair).  I do this once a month.
  • Beach Spray – Move aside, Bumble & Bumble!  Although Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray is a lot of people’s holy grail product, it’s ridiculously expensive.  I make my own when I want to achieve effortless beach waves.
  • Heat Protectant – I don’t use heat tools very often (only for special occasions), but I do blow dry my hair every night.  I use a small amount of argan oil and run that through my hair as a heat protectant.  It helps my hair lock in the shine.
  • Hair Pomade – I have naturally wavy/curly hair that typically don’t need additional styling.  But for when I do style my hair for special occasions, I use a homemade hair pomade.  My husband use this as well.

ACV Rinse
– 2 tbs apple cider vinegar
– 2 cups water
Pour the ACV and water into a bottle.  After shampooing, slowly pour the rinse over hair, avoiding getting into eyes.  Let sit for a few minutes, and rinse off.  Style as usual.

Beach Spray
– 1 cup warm water
– 2 tbs epsom salt
– 1 tsp lemon juice
Combine ingredients and let cool.  Transfer to a spray bottle.

Hair Pomade
– 1 tbs beeswax
– 1 1/2 tbs shea butter
– 2 tbs jojoba oil
Melt ingredients over double boiler.  Remove from heat and let cool.


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