Dresser & Nightstand Re-Do


So I’ve been doing a bit of DIY all over the house.  Another major project that I took on was the spare guest room.  Unlike my room which screams out “girl’s room”, I tried to make this one a bit more gender-neutral.  One of the tasks I did was repainting the dresser and nightstand.  Before it had a shiny polish.  It was nice, but with our house’s brown-beige tones, it really didn’t stand out.  So I wanted to repaint it to a color that was more vibrant and able to pop out.

I did both the nightstand and the dresser at the same time, and it really didn’t take that long!  In addition to painting the furniture, I also spray-painted the knobs black for a more contemporary look.



*Bonus:  I also whipped up a twin-sized headboard for the guest bedroom.  You might recognize the fabric … it’s the same as the fabric I used for my reupholstered armchair!  For now, this room is done.  I might hit up Goodwill at some point and find some nifty artwork to refurbish for this room.



DIY: Re-upholstered Armchair


A few months ago, my mom’s trusty leather armchair began tearing.  Over the course of a few weeks, the tear got so big that it became unrepairable.  My mom was about to throw out the chair, when I suggested that we try re-upholstering it.  I’ve seen so many design blogs that did such amazing reupholstering work, I thought “why not give it a try?”  As it turns out, simple things as putting new fabric on a chair can breathe new life into the furniture.  The project only took an afternoon to do, and it was so cheap!  We only spent $3 on this project (the spray paint, we had everything else on hand!)

– Furniture spray paint (we used black)
– Fabric
– Staple gun

What I learned from reading from design websites is that there is really no tutorial, as all chairs are built differently.  But the steps are quite similar.  Here is what we did:  1) We took all the staples and nails that held the fabric together;  2) Move the foam to the side (save for later);  3) Spray paint the furniture and let dry;  4) Staple, pull fabric, repeat!

The old chair actually had nail trim on it that we saved.  We ended up using some of it to cover up the staples we had on the top of the armchair.


Collecting the nail trims…


Mama hard at work taking the chair apart.  Oh!  This gives you an idea of the chair before.


The repurposed nail trim.