Dresser & Nightstand Re-Do


So I’ve been doing a bit of DIY all over the house.  Another major project that I took on was the spare guest room.  Unlike my room which screams out “girl’s room”, I tried to make this one a bit more gender-neutral.  One of the tasks I did was repainting the dresser and nightstand.  Before it had a shiny polish.  It was nice, but with our house’s brown-beige tones, it really didn’t stand out.  So I wanted to repaint it to a color that was more vibrant and able to pop out.

I did both the nightstand and the dresser at the same time, and it really didn’t take that long!  In addition to painting the furniture, I also spray-painted the knobs black for a more contemporary look.



*Bonus:  I also whipped up a twin-sized headboard for the guest bedroom.  You might recognize the fabric … it’s the same as the fabric I used for my reupholstered armchair!  For now, this room is done.  I might hit up Goodwill at some point and find some nifty artwork to refurbish for this room.


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