Loom Knitting: Turban Headband


A month ago, my friend requested a knit turban headband.  So i tried out a few patterns, and found one that I liked.  Since winter is seemingly never ending, I started knitting more and more headbands for my friends here.

Like I’ve said before, loom knitting, for me at least, cuts down knitting time by a whole lot.  So this project took me approximately 45 minutes from start to finish.

What You’ll Need:
– Long loom or scarf loom
– Yarn Needle
– Heavy-worsted yarn


If you’ve read my post on loom knitting a beanie, the steps are very similar.  The exception is that instead of going round and round in a circle, we bring the yarn around the pegs in a zig-zag pattern.  But the method remains the same.  Cast on one row of yarn on 10 pegs, push down.  Cast on another row.  Use the yarn needle to pull the first loop over the second loop.  Repeat the same process until you have enough rows to wrap around for a headband.  Cut about 1 foot of yarn.  Use the yarn needle to thread the ends together.  Use the remaining yarn to wrap around the ends and cinch together.  Make sure to hide the knot under the wrap-around yarn.

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