Kitchen Moodboard


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Kitchen Cabinets
Subway Tile

This past week was demo week at Squirrel Estate.  Our contractors came and tore up all the first-floor flooring, tile, the kitchen, and the powder room.  Now it’s time to put it all back together!  Our contractors took care of tiling the entryway/coat closet/powder room, as well as installing the toilet and vanity.  So the powder room is 50% done, and we just need to power through and finish it off.

Our biggest priority right now is the kitchen.  Since our kitchen is just bare walls and subfloors, we’ve been living off of our Instant Pot (#shamelessplug).  Anywho, it’s time to design our kitchen!  We absolutely love our IKEA kitchen at Squirrel House and we do plan on using the IKEA kitchen system again for this house.  For the past few months, we’ve been noting things we love about our kitchen and some things we wish we had known we would want.  For example, we wish we devoted more of our last kitchen to pull-out drawers rather than just cabinets with shelves.  Also, we wish we could have some sort of pull-out recycling center in the kitchen.  And it would be nice if we could keep the dog food somewhere in the kitchen.

As we dream up our new kitchen, I wanted to create a mood board for what the kitchen will hopefully have elements of.  I want dark blue cabinets (most likely, we will DIY the doors using Semihandmade doors).  I’ve also been loving the more organic-looking, elongated subway tiles that have really delicate textures.  I’m not sure if we’ll tile the entire wall or just halfway since they are really expensive!  We’re going for lighter wood for the flooring, and I’d love to pair it with a fun, patterned runner.  Lastly, we currently have both recessed lighting and a rectangular, fluorescent flush mount light.  Since our kitchen is u-shaped, we probably can’t get away with pendant lighting because our ceilings aren’t super tall.  But I think a low-profile flush mount would look really pretty to replace the fluorescent light, and would hopefully pair really well with the recessed lighting which we will keep.

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