5 Days in Paris – Day 5

Our last full day in Paris was spent mostly in Versailles.  A lot of people told us to set aside a full day (or two) to visit Versailles.  If you are traveling with children, I can see why Versailles wouldn’t be the destination to spend a full day at.  It’s a lot of walking, looking at ornate rooms and gardens over and over.  I imagine 10-year-old Annie wouldn’t like this very much, either.  But since this is right up my alley in terms of interest at this point in my life, Versailles was so great to visit.

My one tip (besides buying tickets ahead of time so you can skip the line), is head to a supermarket before heading into the palace.  You will be sure to walk past one between the metro and the entrance.  Since you might be in the middle of the gardens when your stomach gets hungry, it’s best to have plenty of water and snacks available.  We picked up picnic fixings and had lunch on a bench overlooking one of the fountains.


We finally left the grounds of Palace of Versailles around 5pm and walked around the town of Versailles.  So. Damn. Cute.  After spending an entire day at Versailles, we probably only covered around 1/3 of the grounds and a small portion of the palace (most of the palace was not open to visitors).  Next time, I would love to visit The Grand Trianon and Le Petit Trianon.


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