Gender Neutral Nursery

In our new house, which we have lovingly dubbed Squirrel Estate, we are fortunate enough to have 4 nice-sized bedrooms. One is our primary suite, one is our office, one is our guest room, and one room served as a multi-purpose room for the (almost) 2 years that we’ve been here. We’ve always known that one day, it would become a nursery. But in 2019, we just didn’t know when that day would be. So for the first year, it was just a dumping ground for all construction debris upstairs. When we got a dumpster and threw all the debris out the window (literally!), we decided to “finish” up the room. We gave it a fresh new coat of paint, swapped out flooring to match the rest of the house, and gave it new baseboards.

Here is what the room looked like empty and from the listing photo.

Then it sat, for another year.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was so excited to unleash this room’s potential. At first, I went deep into Pinterest looking for inspiration. I thought about doing wallpaper or even wall treatments like I’ve done in many other rooms in the house. But at the end of the day, I opted for something really simple. I think, often times, good design can come from just coordinating furniture well. You don’t need to spend hours making a feature wall or adding wainscoting (although it wouldn’t hurt!). You can make something really beautiful and tasteful just with the right pieces. I figured, in a few years, I would rope in our kid and get their input on how they want their room to look like.

I decided to mix and match store-bought and DIY for this room. The major furniture in this room was store-bought, but I decided to DIY a few things in this room. Instead of getting a separate changing table, I opted to make a changing tray out of 1×3. I ordered the changing pad off of Etsy, since my dresser is a little bit on the slimmer side. So by DIY-ing the changing tray, I was able to really customize it to the exact size. Ian’s homework for the next month is figuring out a stain match so we can stain the changing tray to match the table exactly.

I also made the art that is above the dresser. I made the large canvas frame out of 1×2 and a canvas painting tarp. I then added some joint compound on top for some texture, and painted it. I then used more 1×2 to create a clean and modern frame around the piece.

I also built a couple simple art ledges for baby books to the left side of the crib.

The last major thing we’re missing in this nursery is the closet. The closet system I want is currently on backorder and won’t be available for another month. So while I patiently wait on that, I’m going to call this room done for now! Only 3 more months to go until this room has a new occupant!

So tell me ...

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